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9. Acknowledgments

The Teyjus system is the result of many years of research and development and has benefitted from the involvement of several people over time. The overall project has been directed by Gopalan Nadathur. The abstract machine, loader and compilation methods that underlie this implementation of Lambda Prolog have been designed by Gopalan Nadathur. Bharat Jayaraman and Keehang Kwon contributed valuable ideas to the structure of an earlier version of the abstract machine. The implementation of these three components, and of the concomitant higher-order unification procedure, in the present system is due to Gopalan Nadathur. A preliminary version of the loader was implemented by Guanshan Tong. Dustin Mitchell has modified the low-level representation of Lambda Prolog types and terms towards realizing portability and is also responsible for the implementation of the changed scheme. The disassembler, the front-end for the system and the implementation of many builtins, especially those dealing with I/O, are due to him. Finally, he has also undertaken the rationalization and (re)organization of innumerable components of the project and its documentation. Shyan-Ming Perng provided initial implementations of many of the arithmetic and logical builtins and also of routines for reading and writing terms. Emil Ong is undertaking the porting of the system to Windows based platforms. Lyn Headley contributed to the implementation of the builtins.

An indispensable component of the release of a system of significant size such as Teyjus is its testing. Dale Miller has patiently used the system from its first, rough and ready, days, has helped pin-point several bugs and has also volunteered several suggestions towards improving its functionality. Others who have provided valuable feedback of this kind are Amy Felty, Chuck Liang, Frank Pfenning and Jeremie Wajs.

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